My Favourite Pastime is My Degree…

By Simran Kabotra

When at university, it can be quite difficult to prioritise your hobbies with all the extra reading, writing up lecture notes and endless essays you have (and I haven’t even begun to mention the social aspect of university!) However, as incredibly cliche as it sounds, I am extremely lucky to be studying my passion – reading.

I enjoy reading as it is able to take you to a completely different world where the words turn into images in your mind; you get lost within that book and forget about reality just for a little while. Opening a cover is not just opening the cover to words; it’s a portal and carries you to a different dimension. Whenever I feel the world around me is getting too much, I can just open a book and live in someone else’s shoes for just a moment. It allows you to connect to a character and it can even change the way you think about life altogether. It may seem like a small form of enjoyment, but the right book, and the right author, can make you feel a range of emotions from bitter disappointment to pure joy!

However, I’m not totally boring; I do have other interests that university can cater towards. For example, I love languages; I find it so fascinating that I am able to converse with someone of an entirely different culture from my own. After learning Spanish for GCSEs, the prospect of never learning the language again saddened me.  So you can imagine my delight in finding out I can learn Spanish as part of my degree here at Essex (and for no extra cost for the first year!) As a result, I feel much more engaged with my course despite  Spanish being completely different from English Literature.  

Although university is (mostly) about job prospects and acquiring a graduate job by the end of your degree, students also need to actually enjoy their 3-4 years of university. I don’t mean enjoy university in the sense of socials, weekly nights out or having a quick ‘sesh’ with the lads (although that is important too!) but enjoyment in terms of your actual degree content. You came to university for a degree; why not take some pleasure in it?