Five Christmas Gift Ideas for a LiFTS Student

                                                              By Melanie Ashton

As Christmas is getting nearer and nearer it’s about time we started thinking about presents for our family and friends. However, the fun part is finding stuff that you want to ask for, so here’s a list of things you might want for Christmas or ideas for if you have no idea what to get someone else who happens to love literature, film or theatre studies.

1. A Clapper Board Light 

Perfect for a film-lover, and practical too! It turns on and off by opening and closing the clapper, and it’s also a whiteboard so you can personalise it too.


                         Photo credit: Firebox. Sourced from:

2. Enid Blyton for Grown Ups

I’ve noticed these around recently and thought they looked hilarious. I never ask for books for Christmas anymore because I know I probably won’t have time to do any reading in my own time until I graduate! These are an exception because they’re so short you could finish them in an afternoon!


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3. A Creative Writing Prompt Book

For any budding author this is a great idea to get them motivated to write the idea for a book/poem they’ve always had in the back of their mind.


Photo credit: The Literary Gift Company. Sourced from: collections/stationery/products/my-writing-life-writing-prompts-to-chart-your-life-as-a-writer

4. A Punny Mug!

This is just funny and I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t appreciate a mug as a present. For me at least it is something that would be used on a daily basis!


Photo credit: The Literary Gift Company. Sourced from:

5. A Bookmark Notepad 

My friend bought these for me last Christmas and they have honestly been a lifesaver. As LiFTS students usually have about 3 books on the go at once, this bookmark pad not only saves their place, but also allows them to write notes on the bookmark as they go along so they don’t forget anything they think of when reading. I honestly couldn’t live without them now, they help my studying so much.


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I hope you liked this quick gift guide and that it has given you some inspiration for your own wish list or some ideas for what to get a friend (hint hint)!