Reflections of a 3rd Year Literature Student…

By Jordan Welsh. 

I’ve wanted to write a blog entry for the LiFTs Department at Essex for some time but unfortunately reading, essays, research and life got in the way. Today I am pleased to actually have the chance to contribute something as I prepare to end my time at the University of Essex. *sobs uncontrollably*

I am amazed at how much the place has gotten under my skin. The truth is Essex feels like home. It is welcoming and accepting. They say that university is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, I say that university is the place where you can actually be yourself. Unlike school, when you come to university you’ll find that you will moan and complain but you never truly want to leave. More amazing still you actually can’t wait to return after the holidays!

I’ve worked as a student ambassador at the university for nearly three years, and the question that I get asked the most by parents and prospective students is “why did you choose Essex in the first place?” In short, the place felt right. It had that atmosphere that I really liked, everyone was kind and friendly, and the module choices suited my interests – what wasn’t to like?

Sure it has been hard work. I have suffered many sleepless nights and heart-racing moments whilst here but on the whole it has been a wonderful experience. I have met so many wonderful people, have learnt so much and have made it my mission to get the most out of my £9,000 per year tuition fee – to which I apologise to the staff for my constant badgering and question asking!

In my personal statement I quite pretentiously included the Ezra Pound quotation: “literature is news that stays news” but it is still something that I believe in now. If anything my studies here have increased my enjoyment and appreciation of literature, something I am thankful for, as it could have easily gone the other way.

Would I change anything about my time here? Perhaps I would like to have been more involved and sociable… I have a tendency to become too obsessed with work. On the whole university is what you make of it, I’ve tried to be as involved as I can and take as many opportunities as possible *Carpe Diem and all that* and when it comes to looking back in a nostalgic fashion I’m pleased with what I’ve achieved.

And who knows, if my masters application gets accepted I could be spending a few more years at Essex…